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شبیه سازی آماده مقالات مهندسی برق قدرت با نرم افزار GAMS گمز 4

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GAMS شبیه سازی آماده مهندسی برق قدرت با نرم افزار گمز

در زیر، تعداد محدودی از مقالات شبیه سازی شدهمهندسی برق گرایش قدرت با نرم افزار قدرتمند، سریع و بهینه ساز گمز آورده شده است. برای شبیه سازی های آماده بیشتر یا شبیه سازی مقالات و پروژه هایتان از طرق زیر اقدام نمایید

توجه: قبل از خرید، خروجی و گزارش کار برای اطمینان شما فرستاده خواهد شد

: تماس، تلگرام، واتس آپ و ایمیل جهت سفارش 



: ای دی و یوزر نیم تلگرام جهت سفارش 


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n11 کد شماره

مقاله مهندسی برق قدرت (بهره برداری سیستم های قدرت، بازار برق، خودروهای الکتریکی، مشارکت واحدها Elsevier بر اساس هزینه، شارژ و دشارژ)، سال 2014 و از ژورنال

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Evaluation of plug-in electric vehicles impact on cost-based unit commitment

Incorporating plug in electric vehicles (PEVs) to power systems may address both additional demand as well as mobile storage to support electric grid spatially. Better utilization of such potential depends on the optimal scheduling of charging and discharging PEVs. Charging management malfunction of PEVs may increase the peak load which leads to additional generation. Therefore, charging and discharging of PEVs must be scheduled intelligently to prevent overloading of the network at peak hours, take advantages

of off peak charging benefits and delaying any load shedding. A charging and discharging schedule of PEVs with respect to load curve variations is proposed in this paper. The proposed methodology incorporates integrated PEVs; the so-called parking lots; into the unit commitment problem. An IEEE 10-unit test system is employed to investigate the impacts of PEVs on generation scheduling. The results obtained from simulation analysis show a significant techno-economic saving.

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مقاله مهندسی برق قدرت با موضوعات: بازار برق و بهره برداری

IEEE سال 2015 و از ژورنال


Investigation of Market-Based Demand Response Impacts on Security Constrained Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

دانلود مقاله

:خلاصه مقاله


In recent years, load management (LM) programs have been contemplated as a crucial option in all energy policy decisions. Under deregulation, the scope of LM programs has been considerably expanded to include demand response (DR) programs. Here, the market-based DR programs are regarded as a virtual resource for reserve provision. Basically, demand-side reserve affects handling and controlling of power systems ranging from short-term to long-term scheduling. Preventive maintenance scheduling (PMS) of generating units is addressed as a long-term scheduling in power system studies, which is affected by DR programs. In this paper, a new structure for security-constrained PMS associated with DR programs is suggested. In order to scrutinize the economic- and environmental-driven measures of DR programs, a new linearized formulation of cost-and-emission-based preventive maintenance problem is presented. Here, the proposed framework is structured as a mixed-integer programming problem and solved using a CPLEX solver. This model would schedule reserves provided by DR providers, maintenance scheme, and commitment status of generating units. Values of energy and reserves over the scheduling time horizon are also simultaneously determined in this paper. The IEEE Reliability Test System is utilized to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed structure


در سال های اخیر، برنامه های مدیریت بار (LM) به عنوان یک گزینه بسیار مهم در همه تصمیمات سیاست انرژی در نظر گرفته شده است. بر اساس مقررات زدایی، چشم انداز برنامه LM بسیار گسترش یافته که شامل پاسخ تقاضا (DR) و برنامه های مربوط به آن می شود. در اینجا، برنامه های DR وابسته بازار به عنوان یک منبع مجاز برای ارائهه ذخایر در نظر گرفته شده است. اساسا، بحث تقاضا و هم چنین تاثیرات ذخایر آن ها در نگهداری و کنترل سیستم هایی توان و قیود آن ها از برنامه ریزی های کوتاه مدت تا دراز مدت به دست می آیند. اجتناب از نگهداری محدود PMs و واحد های تولیدی در این جا به عنوان یک برنامه ریزی دراز مدت در مطالعات سیستم توان در نظر گرفته شده است که توسط برنامه های DR به صورت مشخص شناخته می شوند. در این مقاله، یک ساختار جدید برای امنیت PMs ارائهه گردیده است که با برنامه های DR پیشنهاد می شوند. در ادامه این مباحث اقتصادی و اندازه گیری های محیطی برنامهه های DR یک فرمولاسیون خطی جدید هزینه و آلودگی وابسته به مساله نگهداری ارائه شده است. در اینجا، چارچوب مورد انتظار به عنوان یک برنامه پیچیده و یک برنامه مربوط به آن سازمان دهی شده است و یک حل کننده CPLEX در آن مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. این مدل یک برنامه ذخیره سازی توسط ارائه دهندگان DR، طرح تعمیر و نگهداری، و موقعیت های واحدهای تولیدی را در نظر    می گیرد. مقادیر انرژی و ذخیره آن در برنامه ریزی زمانی افق به صورت شبیه سازی شده در این مقاله تعیین می گردند. سیستم تست قابلیت اطمینان IEEE برای تعیین تاثیرر  ساختار مورد انتظار مطرح می گردد .

کلمات کلیدی : مباحث محیطی و اقتصادی، برنامه ریزی انرژی و ذخایر، برنامه های پاسخ تقاضا وابسته به بازار (DR)، برنامه های صحیح – پیچیده (MIP)، برنامه ریزی زمانی تعمیر و نگهداری محدوده امنیتی(PMs) .

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سال انتشار 2017


A bottom-up approach for demand response aggregators’participation in electricity markets

 یک روش پایین-بالا برای شرکت تجمیع کنندگان پاسخ گویی بار در بازارهای برق

:نویسندگان و سمت آن ها

Nadali Mahmoudia,∗, Ehsan Heydarian-Forushanib, Miadreza Shafie-khahc,Tapan K. Sahaa, M.E.H. Golshanb, Pierluigi SianocaPower and Energy Systems Group, School of ITEE, University of Queensland, Brisbane, AustraliabDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, IrancUniversity of Salerno, Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132, Fisciano (SA), 84084 Salerno, Italya


This paper proposes a bottom-up model for demand response (DR) aggregators in electricity markets. Thismodel enables a DR aggregator to consider the technical constraints of customers in developing an optimaltrading strategy in the wholesale electricity market. In the bottom level, DR options, called load shifting,load curtailment and load recovery are comprehensively modelled in a stochastic programming approach.Each DR program is mathematically formulated in such a way that practically models the constraints ofcustomers. Further, the proposed model considers the customers’ behaviour in participating in the givenDR program through a scenario-based participation factor. On the other hand, the upper level proposestrading the DR outcome in day-ahead and balancing markets with uncertain prices, as well as in forwardcontracts with a predefined price. The overall bottom-up problem is formulated as a stochastic profitmaximization model for the DR aggregator, in which the risk is taken into account using the ConditionalValue-at-Risk (CVaR) measure. The feasibility of the given strategy is assessed on a case of the Nordicmarket.

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:n14 کد شماره

سال انتشار 2013 

: عنوان مقاله

Microgrid Optimal Scheduling With Multi-Period Islanding Constraints

برنامه ریزی بهینه ریز شبکه (میکروگرید) با قیود جزبره ای چند دوره ای

:چکیده مقاله

Abstract—This paper presents a model for microgrid optimal
scheduling considering multi-period islanding constraints. The
objective of the problem is to minimize the microgrid total operation
cost which comprises the generation cost of local resources
and cost of energy purchase from the main grid. The microgrid
optimal scheduling problem is decomposed into a grid-connected
operation master problem and an islanded operation subproblem.
The microgrid capability in operating in the islanded mode for
multiple hours is scrutinized by a islanding criterion. The
integer scheduling decisions determined in the master problem
will be examined against the microgrid islanding feasibility in the
subproblem. The scheduling decisions will be revised using proper
islanding cuts if sufficient generation is not available to guarantee
a feasible islanding. Islanding cuts will revise generating units, energy
storage systems, and adjustable loads schedules. Any change
in the schedule of adjustable loads outside the operating time
interval specified by consumers is penalized by an inconvenience
factor in the objective. Numerical simulations demonstrate the
effectiveness of the proposed microgrid optimal scheduling model
and explore its economic and reliability merits.
Index Terms—Adjustable load, distributed energy resource, islanded
operation, microgrid optimal scheduling.

Amin Khodaei, Member, IEEE

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:n15 کد شماره

سال انتشار 2016 

: عنوان مقاله

Hydroelectric unit commitment for power plants composed of
distinct groups of generating units

مشارکت واحد هیدرو الکتریک (برق آبی) برای نیروگاه های متشکل از گروه های مجزای واحدهای تولیدی

:چکیده مقاله

a b s t r a c t
This paper proposes a new solution method for the unit commitment problem of hydro generation units for power systems in which there is prevalence of hydroelectric participation. Attention is focused on hydro power plants composed of distinct groups of generating units, each of which exhibiting different performance characteristics. Considering the forecasted load curves provided by short term operation planning studies, an optimization problem is formulated to determine how many and which generating
units should be dispatched in each hour and at which power plant so as to meet load, operational and energy target constraints. The latter are established by medium term operation planning studies. The
objective function to be minimized comprises distinct components related to loss of efficiency in the use of water resources, as well as unit startup and shutdown costs. The difficulties posed by the discontinuous
nature of the loss of performance function, which actually comprises a collection of distinct curves, are dealt with by aggregating them into a continuous surface obtained via best fitting methods. This
artifice allows the application of efficient mixed integer programming algorithms to solve the hydro unit commitment problem, and is seen as a contribution of this paper. The performance of such optimization
model is assessed via its application to real power plants of the Brazilian interconnected power system.
The results show that the proposed operation policy promotes the optimum use of water resources, leading to the minimum depletion of reservoirs as compared to all other unit combinations.

Talita Dal’ Santo, Antonio Simões Costa∗
Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

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